Express cleaning in Athens

Express house cleaning is an intensive cleaning service within a limited time to make your house look beautiful. Express cleaning also includes a set of cleaning activities, but with some special features. iClean cleaning agency knows how to clean everything up in the shortest amount of time.

When do you need an express cleaning?

This type of cleaning will be needed when the place needs cleaning urgently:

  • the unexpected visit of guests; 
  • an apartment needs to be cleaned up before the new tenants visit (but in this case, it’s better to order a deep cleaning – if time allows);
  • the hotel room should be tidied up for the new guests before they check-in; 
  • need to remove trash and make the room look the same after the corporate party at the office. 

Believe it or not, there are plenty of other situations…

Экспресс уборка в Афинах

Online calculation

You can calculate the cleaning costs yourself and get a final price. Online calculator with current prices.


The staff uses cameras to record the entire cleaning process. You can request a recording within a month after cleaning.

European approach

We tend to forget that Greece is Europe. But with iClean, you will remember that again. We arrive on time, as scheduled.


The iClean bonus program is designed to satisfy every customer’s needs. Choose your own bonus.

What is included in an express cleaning service?

What is included in an express cleaning service?

Express Cleaning includes:

  • general clean-up;
  • Light cleaning of the main exposed surfaces, including the bathroom and toilet
  • vacuuming the carpets, rugs, and floor carpeting;
  • wet cleaning of the floor, including the areas under wardrobes and beds;
  • collecting and emptying the rubbish;
  • washing the dishes;
  • stacking and putting things back in their places.
Что входит в уборку?

We remove the dust

Dealing with stains

Kitchen, dishes, countertop, sink

Mirror surfaces

Cleaning the entire bathroom

We remove garbage

My floors

When you buy a subscription, you can choose a personal gift that will make your purchase as profitable and enjoyable as possible. We’ll take care of the rest – a quality service that makes you smile is iClean. Also, a bit of bureaucracy!;) By sending a request through the form, you agree to the rules for processing personal data.

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Order express cleaning in Athens

iClean’s team of professionals will take care of the cleanliness and safety of your place. To order express cleaning in Athens: enter your address, choose a date and time when you need cleaning services, and complete the booking with your data. You can also calculate your individual cleaning cost using the “Online Calculator” as well as get acquainted with our staff.

Advantages of iClean

The main advantages of iClean over its competitors are

  • Safety. We care about the health of our customers and employees and use only high-quality, eco-friendly cleaning products. iClean staff is carefully tested and trained for one month before starting their job. The cleaning staff uses body-worn cameras to film the cleaning process, ensuring it is extremely safe.
  • Legitimacy. Our company has a license and all the necessary documents certifying the right to provide cleaning services in Greece. Also, we are certified by International Cleaning Academy and offer our services according to European quality standards.
  • Speed. We guarantee to complete the job within the specified time limit depending on the area of the location and the list of services. 
  • Control. Our staff is equipped with cameras enabling you to monitor the process in real-time and at the end of the job.

We provide services using only new, professional machines from Karcher. All equipment is individually selected to suit the type of cleaning and the type of service.