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iClean is a modern professional cleaning service that sets a high standard in the cleaning industry. Cleaning services, ironing of clothes, and dry cleaning of furniture.

Cleaning services

We understand how difficult it is to find a reliable and professional cleaning expert. We have solved this problem with our staff, who passed safety checks, completed training, and finished the cleaning school developed by iClean specialists. You can contact our customer service department anytime or purchase home cleaning services directly from our website. Our services include cleaning apartments, houses, cottages, stores, and gyms, as well as office and medical facilities.


Professional laundry ironing in Athens. Ironing your laundry will save you the trouble of spending hours of your time standing in front of the ironing board. Housewives spend up to 2-3 hours on this process on average. We guarantee speed, high-quality services, and work with all types of items

Dry cleaning

We know how important it is to take care of the environment, which is why our policy is to use safe, environmentally friendly products. We offer a free pick-up service and a competitive price for dry cleaning.

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Services of iClean cleaning company in Athens

To order the services of iClean cleaning company in Athens, all you need to do is to contact the customer service department or purchase house cleaning services directly from our website. Our list of services includes residential, office, and commercial cleaning. There are 5 complex types of professional cleaning services available to order: 

  • Express. Includes general cleaning and light cleaning of the main exposed surfaces. It includes carpet cleaning, dishwashing, mopping, and taking out the garbage. The advantage of this cleaning is speed! Need to get everything cleaned a few hours before guests arrive? Challenge accepted!
  • Standard. Basic cleaning on all exposed surfaces, including the kitchen, bathroom, and toilet. Cleaning is done by several professionals. The quality of cleaning is the priority.
  • Deep cleaning. Full cleaning of all surfaces, stain removal, and washing of window and door frames. This type of cleaning should be done several times a year. It will prevent you from catching viral diseases and will help you maintain a healthy and comfortable lifestyle. 
  • Post-renovation cleaning with and without furniture. Cleaning the room from all the construction contaminants. We use special chemicals that can handle all types of constructional contaminants. We will remove traces of putty, dust, glue, or grout. It is not recommended to do this cleaning on your own!
  • Rental cleaning. This includes cleaning the entire space, including mopping the floors, washing dishes and removing stains, picking up and taking out the garbage, as well as changing the linens. This type of cleaning is designed to help tenants return the property in the same condition as it was rented and avoid penalties or negativity.

The cost of a service package varies depending on the selected type of cleaning and the area of the room. We have the option of including additional services in the standard package. Each of them has a fixed cost, the list also includes: changing the linens, washing the windows, cleaning the microwave, removing stains on the walls, and many others. See the full list on Prices 2023 page.

Professional cleaning includes:

  • Cleaning of empty rooms.
  • Residential complex maintenance.
  • Ironing and dry cleaning services.

Order cleaning services online. Enter your address, select the date and time you need cleaning services to be done, view employee profiles, and complete your order by entering your payment information. You can also calculate your individual cleaning cost
by following the link, as well as see our staff.

You can pay for monthly services with your chosen frequency, as well as for a one-time cleaning. We offer to calculate the cost by using the “Online Calculator”.